What are Construction Slots?

by | Jun 24, 2021

A common practice among most home and cottage builders is to say ‘yes’ to everyone and then try to cram their start dates wherever possible. This quickly leads to a company that’s overwhelmed and struggling to provide clients with the attention and care they deserve, inevitably ending in a terrible building experience. 


At Pine Creek Homes, we’ve adopted a different system called our “construction slots.” At the beginning of the year, we decide how many projects we can effectively manage and then spread out the start dates evenly throughout the year.


My brother Josh and I own our company and are directly involved in every build. We take on a limited number of projects to ensure our clients are receiving the best service and building experience possible. This year that number equals 13 builds.


We’re filling these construction slots 9-12 months in advance. Once a client is scheduled into a construction slot, we follow a design schedule to ensure the project is ready to start on time. 


Once a project begins, keeping it on schedule is relatively easy as it’s spaced out from other builds. Our employees and sub-trades have time to finish their specific project portions without balancing their time with other projects.  


If you’re looking to start building in the next 6-12 months, click the link below to set up a time to speak with us.

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