20 03, 2018

Come Visit Us At The Cottage Show!

This weekend kicks off another season of fun at the lake. Coming out of our cold Manitoba winters, the Cottage Country Lake and Cabin Show reminds us that spring is right around the corner and summer is fast approaching.


Whether you already own a cottage, or are planning to build one, this show covers everything related to having fun at the lake.


If you’re hoping to start the building process on your dream cottage this year, now is a great time to come see us to get the ball rolling. The design process is not […]

15 02, 2018

Join Us For Lunch At The Whiteshell Snowmobile Club Poker Derby!

Winter is quickly coming to an end (hopefully), but there’s still great opportunity left to get out for a day of family fun on the snowmobiles. This years poker derby, hosted by the Whiteshell Snowmobile Club will be on February 24th. It’s one week earlier this year as a result of last years cancellation from warm weather.


Historically, we’ve had excellent weather at this time of year and it’s a great weekend to get outside before the riding season is done. Registration is between 10:00 and noon at Brereton lake resort, and Pine Creek Homes will be […]

6 02, 2018

Is it Safe To Build A Home In The Winter?


Is it Safe To Build A Home In The Winter?

No doubt you have probably heard someone say that you shouldn’t build a home in the winter. Then they go on to list a bunch of reasons why.


It’s absolutely wrong advice.


This is a common misconception that I hear from many customers. People think that starting to build a new home in the winter isn’t possible. So they wait until the spring to start planning their build for when the snow melts. This can end up […]

6 02, 2018

7 Myths Of DIY Home Building

Whether you’re planning to do most of the work yourself, or contracting the majority of it out to sub trades, there are a few common misconceptions everyone has going into a DIY build. After working with people for over 30 years building homes these are the 7 myths that people fall into before they start to DIY build their own home.


Myth #1) I know what I want, so the design process should go quickly

Regardless of who does the design and drawing for your home or cottage, this […]

22 12, 2017

Merry Christmas!

With another year coming to a close, I wanted to share some of the great things that have happened at Pine Creek this year, as well as some of the exciting new things that we’ll be rolling out in 2018.


It’s been a big year for us to say the least. Of course there’s building custom homes and cottages that keep us busy enough, managing sites in Winnipeg Beach, the Whiteshell, Twin Beaches and of course Winnipeg and the surrounding areas. However, amid the chaos, this spring we also decided to build a new booth for the […]

10 08, 2017

What’s a shell option?

A shell option is the perfect fit for the DIY builder. There’s an increasing number of people today who have the desire to build their own home or cottage. Trust me, I get it, building homes and cottages is awesome! That’s why we do it. Luckily for us, not everyone shares our passion for building or we wouldn’t have a job. But for those of you that do enjoy building. We have an option to make the process much easier.


What exactly is a shell option?

A shell option is when we take a home to lock up stage. This means that […]

17 07, 2017

What Is a New Home Warranty?

Home warranty is something that people don’t think about until they need something fixed on their new home. Unfortunately, for some, by that time it’s too late. We’ve all heard the horror stories out there. The question is how can you avoid these stories happening to you?

Right now, in Manitoba, a large effort is being made to protect homeowners who are buying a newly built home. The Manitoba Home Builders’ Association is now requiring all its members to be part of the New Home Warranty program. There are a few different programs in Manitoba, but they will all follow the same warranty […]

28 04, 2017

What To Expect On Possession Day

The possession day has finally come for you dream home or cottage. You’ve been waiting for this day since you first started putting ideas together. Even though this day is extremely exciting it can carry a lot of stress for some people.


One of the things that we do to help alleviate any stress on possession day is to have some additional home walk throughs with the customer in the weeks leading up to the possession. This gives you a chance to voice any concerns you may have on different items and gives us a chance […]

21 04, 2017

Picking the Right Fireplace for Your Dream Home

Everyone loves a good fire, the warmth that a good fire can give out will warm you to your bones. When you are deciding if you want a fireplace and what kind you should get, the choices are not always easy.

The best way to start is by thinking about your primary reason for wanting a fireplace. Some of the more common reasons for wanting a fireplace are:

  • Heat, or supplementary heat source
  • Fireplaces create a warm feeling in a home
  • Design feature in a […]
14 04, 2017

Putting the Final Touches on Interior Finishes

When you think of your dream home, it’s often the little details that make up the overall appeal. The finishing touches are what turn a nice house into a amazing home. There are many different aspects that could fall under the category of interior finishes. For this particular post, I’ll talk about casings, baseboards and interior doors.


There is a wide selection of different woodwork to choose from when building your home and the range of cost can vary as well.



One of the most common […]

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