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What’s a shell option? (8/10/2017) - A shell option is the perfect fit for the DIY builder. There’s an increasing number of people today who have the desire to build their own home or cottage. Trust me, I get it, building homes and cottages is awesome! That’s why we do it. Luckily for us, not everyone shares our passion for building or we wouldn’t have a job. But for those of you that do enjoy building. We have an option to make the process much easier.   What exactly is a shell option? A shell option is when we take a home to lock up stage. […]

Our experience with Pine Creek Homes has been nothing short of exceptional. My wife and I built our dream retirement lake home on Barrier Bay in 2004. We had Pine Creek Homes build our home using reclaimed fir timbers.

From design to planning meetings Lori and Jasper were tremendous assets using their experiences to help guide us through the decision making process of a large project such as this. Being rookies on a custom build project we were put at ease as they guided us through the planning and constructing phases.

We are extremely happy with the quality of the trades working on site, and the quality of craftsmanship throughout our home. In 2010 we hired Pine Creek once again to build a large bungalow northeast of Winnipeg.

Once again we had a wonderful experience using Pine Creek Homes. The project was built on time and on budget. Again all sub contractors on site were very professional and took pride in their workmanship. Whenever we have had any issue regarding a repair or problem Pine Creek always looks after it in a timely manner.

You never feel like the project is over and you will never see them again. It's the opposite, as you become friends with Lori and Jasper, and they treat you so well I would recommend them to anyone considering building a custom built home.
Al Koop