The 5 Questions People Have With the Shell Option

What is a shell option?

A shell option is when we take a plan and bring it up to the closed in portion of the build. The shingles will be on, the windows installed, soffits and fascia complete, the exterior will be wrapped in waterproof paper (Tyvek) so it’s protected from the elements and you can proceed with the inside work. The package can be taken any where from closed up to completion.


Why go with a shell option?

The shell option is especially good for weekend do-it-yourselfers who want to have a custom cottage, but would rather leave the most time consuming and difficult part of construction to people who can get it done quickly and have the expertise to do so.


Do I have to use one of the pre-made plans?

Not at all. A shell option can be done with any plan. Whether it’s one of ours, yours or one that we create together from scratch. Click here to see some plans we’ve drawn to get some ideas.


A shell option is fully customizable and we pride ourselves on making every home or cottage original. No builds are ever done the exact same twice. To see some plans with pricing attached click here.


What does this original pricing include?

Pricing on shell projects, and turnkey projects, are based on a close proximity to Winnipeg.  Pricing may increase based on location, accessibility, and site conditions. Contact us to get a price that is accurate to exactly what you want and the location you would like to build new.


What if I decide I don’t want to build it myself?

If you are interested in a shell package keep in mind that Pine Creek Homes also does many turnkey projects every year. So there is the option for us to take your project to any stage of construction in between shell and turn key.


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