Windows are a critical part of creating a beautiful  home or cottage. Taking advantage of natural light and a great view makes all the difference in your dream home.

On top of choosing the right size and location of your windows, there are several other decisions to be made to finalize your window choices.

Types of Windows


PVC (Polyvinyl Chloride) is a time-tested favourite and typically also  the most common. There is no maintenance involved, they’re are extremely durable and they’re also very cost effective.

In most cases, we will still use a wood buildout on the inside of a PVC window, so we can match it to the colour of the interior woodwork. PVC windows are available in several colours, however the most common selection is usually simple and timeless white trim.


Metal Clad Wood

Metal Clad Wood windows are another excellent choice. The most significant  advantage metal clad wood windows have over PVC, is that there are many more colour options than with PVC.

Depending on your exterior you may want to go this route to match the look from the outside.

There is a price premium over PVC windows, but the finish and fit of this type of window is tough to beat.


Oversized and curtain wall windows

Once windows hit a certain size you will need to upgrade to a fiberglass or aluminum frame. This is largely for structural reasons.

This is, of course at an additional cost,but for clients who want extremely large, or floor-to-ceiling windows, you must  go this route. The aluminum and fiberglass frames are stronger than wood or PVC and allow us to have a larger piece of glass (plus, just think of those gorgeous views!).


Dual Pane versus Tri-pane windows

There is a lot of debate when buying new windows whether it is worth the extra money to go from dual pane to tri-pane windows.


Depending on the window manufacturer and the type of units being ordered, the cost is generally around 15% more to upgrade from a dual pane to a tri-pane window.


Energy Efficiency

There are 2 main ways that tri-pane windows increase energy efficiency:

1.You can get a low E coating on 2 panes of glass instead of 1. This will help reduce heat transmission through the glass inside or out

2.There is an increased insulation value with the tri-pane windows because of the extra sealed air space between the inside and outside.


Selecting a Team with the Right Experience

Natural lighting, style, look & feel, the placement of windows, and your budget all factor into the choices you will need to make. When you build with Pine Creek you’re working with a team of professionals who have decades of experience.

Consider this testimonial from a client:

“When my wife and I had our first meeting with the interior designer when building our home, the first thing she recommended was increasing all of the window measurements  throughout the house by just one size. This meant a 4”-6” difference in height and width on each window. In our opinion, we had already drawn very generous sized windows but we trusted her and took the advice. What a difference! Everyone who comes into our home comments on the windows and the natural light. The house feels bigger, warmer and more open because of it. The extra view out in the country was definitely worthwhile.”

Choosing the right size, location and type of window for your home can definitely be a daunting task. This is where Pine Creek can help you make the most of your new house.

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