There are so many factors involved when it comes to building a new home or cottage. The decision to do a custom build alone is a huge commitment. There’s so much thought and planning that goes into even getting to the point of saying “yes, we can do this.”


Then, you ask yourself “who are we going to trust to take on this project with us, and who can execute our dream the way we envision it?” This is of course the hardest part of a custom build. 


So, why is it such a struggle? Of course there’s the obvious answers: 

  • This has been a lifelong dream
  • You’ve worked extremely hard to get to this point and there’s a lot riding on this
  • This will be where so many future memories are made etc…


All those reasons are extremely important, but they only describe why your build is so important to you.


The reason it’s so hard to trust someone with this dream is because: In a true custom build, what you’re doing has never been done before, and may never be done again. True custom builds are designed for a specific person or family, and designed to fit a specific property and are completely unique. There may be features from other builds, but the build itself is one of a kind. 


When’s the last time you had to fully commit to purchasing something that didn’t exist yet, and had never been done before? You can’t see it or touch it. Top this off with the fact that this is the biggest purchase most people will ever make. Wow! What a leap of faith!


Yet, as custom builders, we ask people to take this leap of faith every day. We ask people to trust us with their dreams, and to fully commit to a project that is unique from every project that has come before. The next big question is “how do we help people with this process?”


At Pine Creek Homes, our entire design/build process was created to increase customer confidence, and improve the building experience. Of course, creating a top quality home or cottage is always the main priority, but we want our customers to enjoy the experience as much as the finished product. 


Luckily, with the new software available today, we’re able to create 3-D renderings and perspectives which really help people visualize their future space in a way that wasn’t possible 20 years ago.


While going through the design and building process, everything is laid out in a transparent, step by step format that allows everyone to know what’s coming and exactly how things will be done before they happen. We want everyone to be 100 percent confident throughout the entire process and we’re constantly striving to continue  improving our process to ensure this is the reality. 


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