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We understand how intimidating the building process can be, especially for someone who is considering doing it on their own. It’s a huge commitment in terms of  time and energy, and justifiably, many people are concerned about the time and expertise needed to execute this lifelong dream (and ensure it will actually meet their expectations and vision).

We’ve all heard the horror stories of self builds gone wrong. We all know that person who bit off more than they could chew and grossly underestimated the time and energy needed to execute a custom build.

Our focus on each shell option build is on the same 2 contributors  that will shape your future memories: quality and value. We’re a second-generation custom builder and have helped hundreds of people realize their dream of a custom home or cottage.

Our goal is to set you up for success and ensure the process is smooth, efficient and enjoyable! Our shell option allows you to use our expertise on the most overwhelming and time consuming parts of the build and ensures you’re ready to hit the ground running for the remainder of the project 


What is a shell option? 

A shell option is where we design your home or cottage (or use a plan that you’ve already had drawn) and take it right from the permitting stage, to the point where the roof is on, windows and exterior doors are installed, and the entire exterior is waterproofed and sealed, protecting it from the weather. Once the shell is complete, we hand the project over to you, so you can complete it at your own pace.


What’s included in a shell option?

  • Design
  • Full blueprints
  • Engineering
  • Walking you through the permit process
  • Foundation
  • Framing
  • Roofing
  • Soffits and fascia
  • Exterior windows and doors
  • Full waterproofing on the exterior of the building


How do I get a shell option?

  1. Click the schedule an appointment now button and pick a time that works for you to come in and tell us about your dream build. We’ll answer all your questions and help you fully understand the shell option process.
  2. Sign up below for the “shell option process” email series in the box below. That will walk you through the entire building process, so you have an in-depth understanding of the path ahead. 
  3. Work with one of the owners of Pine Creek Homes designing your dream home or cottage.
  4. We execute the shell portion of your build, on time and on budget.
  5. You take over the build with the information and confidence needed to finish the project.
  6. Congratulations! You made it! Start making memories and enjoying the dream that you’ve worked so hard for


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“Design collaboration with the Pine Creek team was fun and a great learning experience. They really listened and understood our esthetic and accommodated every whim we had. Our dream cabin was finished right on schedule, on budget and exactly like we had envisioned it!“
“Working with Pine Creek Homes was a dream. They listened and understood what we were wanting in our dream home. They’re the perfect custom home builder, we can’t recommend them enough”
“From preliminary design, to drawing completion, to helping us with interior design. They were awesome, they have the patience of Saints. The actual on site construction project went so smoothly. The site stayed clean, everything ran on time, and the trades were all lined up perfectly. “

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