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Building your own cottage has been a lifelong goal for many people. It’s something that should be enjoyable and as stress-free as possible. We want you to look back on your project once it’s completed with fond memories, not a stressful nightmare. Let’s get it started on the right foot!


There is something extremely satisfying about being able to say you built your own cottage. For the extremely ambitious do-it-yourselfer it’s the ultimate achievement. The trouble is that the time commitment is immense.


The most difficult part of building your cabin is that getting the project to the close-up stage is time sensitive. With weather often not cooperating, things like swelling roofs sheeting, delaminated floor plywood, and potential mold, are just a few of the many concerns that can happen when a project is exposed to the elements for too long.


By letting Pine Creek Homes bring your project to the shell stage, you can proceed with the project at your own pace without stressing about the weather and timelines.

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The 5 Questions People Have With the Shell Option

The first 5 questions you are going to have with a shell option are:

What is a shell option?

Why go with a shell option?

Do I have to use one of the pre-made plans?

What does this original pricing include?

What if I decide I don’t want to build it myself?

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The Benefits of Using a Shell Option For Your Cottage

There are a host of benefits for using a shell option for you cottage. Find out what you will gain not just in cottage quality but in time and a few other things you probably haven’t thought of yet.

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Check out the Shell Package FAQ

When you are looking to DIY you cottage you probably have a lot of questions like:

What is a shell option and what does it include?

How can I make my cottage at the shell stage livable and comfortable while I’m working at finishing the rest of the project?

How fast can I have a cottage shell built so I can start enjoying it?

Why is building a shell so much cheaper than a complete project when it seems like the biggest portions of the build is complete?

We’ve done our best to answer them for you.

Check out our FAQ for more info.

Shell Packages and Pricing

While any cottage can be done as a shell package we have set up a few of our top designs and their costs.

Check out the shell packages and pricing

Find Out How We Help DIY Builders Start the Right Way

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