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The 7 Most Common Mistakes When Building a Custom Home

If you are thinking about building your dream home, you are probably worried about making some mistakes. That’s normal. But you can avoid some of the bigger ones. To help you along we’ve collected our top common mistakes people make when building a custom home.

Mistake #1: Not Designing The Home To Fit The Lot


Most people spend years thinking about their dream home before ever breaking ground. They can picture the little details, what everything will look like and how it will feel when they get there.


Often this creative stage of the process is […]

How Much Does it Cost to Build a Custom Home or Cottage?

The first question we often get at Pine Creek is “How much will it cost to build my dream home (cottage)?” This is a very common question from new customers and unfortunately it does not come with a simple answer.  There is no standard formula because custom homes and cottages vary greatly in terms of size, configuration, finishes, etc… If you were to go to purchase a car, each one on the lot would have a different price based on the size, gas mileage, trim package… I can bet you would find a significant price range between models! […]

Your Dream of Living the Cottage Life Starts Here!

sunroom lake view

Building your own cottage is something that many people have spent a lifetime dreaming about – what it will look like, what it will feel like when you’re there, you’ve likely even imagined the sounds of nature, and the warmth of the sun in your lawn chair watching kids play in the water.


However, achieving this dream, can be quite an undertaking. Where should you look for property? How will you come up with that perfect design? And how will you take that design from a […]

What To Expect On Possession Day

The possession day has finally come for you dream home or cottage. You’ve been waiting for this day since you first started putting ideas together. Even though this day is extremely exciting it can carry a lot of stress for some people.


One of the things that we do to help alleviate any stress on possession day is to have some additional home walk throughs with the customer in the weeks leading up to the possession. This gives you a chance to voice any concerns you may have on different items and gives us a chance […]

Is it Safe To Build A Home In The Winter?


Is it Safe To Build A Home In The Winter?

No doubt you have probably heard someone say that you shouldn’t build a home in the winter. Then they go on to list a bunch of reasons why.


It’s absolutely wrong advice.


This is a common misconception that I hear from many customers. People think that starting to build a new home in the winter isn’t possible. So they wait until the spring to start planning their build for when the snow melts. This can end up […]

What Is a New Home Warranty?

Home warranty is something that people don’t think about until they need something fixed on their new home. Unfortunately, for some, by that time it’s too late. We’ve all heard the horror stories out there. The question is how can you avoid these stories happening to you?

Right now, in Manitoba, a large effort is being made to protect homeowners who are buying a newly built home. The Manitoba Home Builders’ Association is now requiring all its members to be part of the New Home Warranty program. There are a few different programs in Manitoba, but they will all follow the same warranty […]

Picking the Right Fireplace for Your Dream Home

Everyone loves a good fire, the warmth that a good fire can give out will warm you to your bones. When you are deciding if you want a fireplace and what kind you should get, the choices are not always easy.

The best way to start is by thinking about your primary reason for wanting a fireplace. Some of the more common reasons for wanting a fireplace are:

  • Heat, or supplementary heat source
  • Fireplaces create a warm feeling in a home
  • Design feature in a […]

Putting the Final Touches on Interior Finishes

When you think of your dream home, it’s often the little details that make up the overall appeal. The finishing touches are what turn a nice house into a amazing home. There are many different aspects that could fall under the category of interior finishes. For this particular post, I’ll talk about casings, baseboards and interior doors.


There is a wide selection of different woodwork to choose from when building your home and the range of cost can vary as well.



One of the most common […]

Picking the Right Cabinetry for Your Dream Kitchen

Cabinetry always seems to be in the front of everyone’s mind when building a home or cottage. Why wouldn’t it be? Most of the dream homes and cottages we build today are open concept and the kitchen tends to be the focal point.

new home lighting

Every time there is a get together at a home with an open concept, there’s usually half a dozen empty seats on the couches, and standing room only around the kitchen island.

I’m not sure what causes this phenomenon, but we’ve all seen it […]

Picking Your Plumbing and Plumbing Fixtures In Your New Home

Plumbing and Plumbing fixtures

Plumbing isn’t a subject that gets people really excited when building their new home. But there are a few things to think about before building your dream home begins so that you aren’t caught off guard



Not all properties have the same servicing when it comes to plumbing. If you are building in the city you will probably have sewer and water hook ups. This keeps the servicing end of things pretty straight forward. However, if you are building rural or in cottage country you probably won’t have water services […]

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