Building your dream cottage is such an exciting experience. You’ve been planning it in your mind for years. The time is finally here and you are ready to start planning your new cottage.
There are several things to consider when building a cottage that can be different than a home.

The Actual Physical Building Process

Building in cottage country is often quite different than in normal city or rural conditions. The foundation being the biggest difference. Many cottages have foundations that need to be carved into granite rock or adjusted because of the water levels.
Many times we need to make foundation adjustments after the hole has already been dug. This happens building cottages in the Whiteshell all the time. For this reason, it’s important to work with a builder who has extensive experience building in cottage country.

Water and Septic Systems

Most cottage areas do not have a sewer and water hook up. This means that you will need to install a septic tank to replace the standard sewer hook up.
The two most common water options will be a well, or taking water from the lake and setting up a filtration system to make the water drinkable. There are also some areas that have a fresh water delivery service, which will allow you to have a large fresh water tank that can be refilled on a regular basis.
It is important that you are using a plumber that is experienced at installing these systems. Pine Creek Homes uses specific plumbing companies for our cottage country work, because they specialize in water and septic systems used in cottages.

Layout and Function

Many people believe that the layout for a home and cabin are interchangeable. In some cases, they can be but it’s not that wayallf the time. Usually, cottages are used differently than homes.
For starters, people like to invite family and friends to come out and stay at the cabin for a weekend. For this reason bedrooms may be laid out differently. Most of the time guests are living out of a suitcase. Why not layout the bedrooms to account for this?
Sometimes with more people staying at a cottage it might be worthwhile to build in some extra sleeping space such as a built in bunk beds.
Another aspect to consider with cottage layout is the types of activities that you will be doing at the cabin. For example, if you are planning on snowmobiling you will need someplace to take off snowsuits and put snowmobile helmets. You may want to add some space in your entry way for this.
Many people like to relax, read, do puzzles, or play games at the cottage. A four season sunroom could be a great solution for these types of activities.
Regardless of what intentions you have for your cottage it’s important to work with a builder who understands the cottage building process and can walk you through that process to make your cottage a dream come true.
At Pine Creek Homes we specialize in cottage country building and have been building beautiful cabins for over 30 years. We can ensure that your dream cottage will be treasure for generations. For more information feel free to contact us about your dream cottage.

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